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A retired haulage contractor, Johns' love of driving and vehicles started before he was even allowed to legally drive on the road, when he drove tractors around his father's farm.  Back in the 70s he was one of the few who drove trucks to and from the Middle East and his knowledge of the people and cultures (especially his patience at borders) will stand him in great stead for his overland trips.  Until he met Paul Marsh from Footloose 4 X 4 who prepared the Toyota for this trip, John was definitely a "Landy Man" driving a Landrover since he was 18 and competing off road in the UK and Europe.  After visiting Paul in 2005 to discuss how to prepare the Landrover for a round the world trip he asked the magic question "Have I got the right vehicle for the job?" ... and, as you can see, after much soul searching he gave up his trusty Landy and became a "Toyota Man" in 2006.  Since he retired, John has spent his time, planning the vehicle specification with Paul, testing the vehicle both on and off road in various countries, travelling, allways planning the next journey and counting down the days to April 2008 when we will finally set forth on BIG adventure!!


Before she met John, Denise spent many years living outside of the UK in Malta, Germany, Dubai and Bahrain.  A love of travelling, different cultures and languages has taken Denise to many countries, but not many by road so this will be a new adventure for her.  As a navigator she had a lot to learn, particularly, as John believes in maps and not satellite navigation!  She has had to leave a lot of the planning to John as she is still running her own business but warned him that the trip would not be "AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS" - John tends to get behind the wheel and just keep on going, passing the sights by in his eagerness to make it to the next stopping place faster than anyone else!!  An agreement has been reached and - she will try not to get them lost if he promises to stick to the plan and take time out to see the world on the way!!


Left Hand Drive, big 4.2 diesel, no turbo, no computer, no fancy stuff - so nothing should go wrong (hopefully!).  With a fridge inside, cooker in the back, plenty of storage space and the roof tent we are ready to go.



The website is mainly so that friends, family and anyone else who may be interested can watch our progress and send us messages.  Whilst we may include some tips we pick up on our journey, we will not be providing information on vehicle preparation, visa applications etc. etc.  There are many other sites where you can obtain this information.  The two that gave us the most inspiration and knowledge are www.hectorsadventures.com and www.africaoverland.net.  Both provide a wealth of information.