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      ENGLAND TO SOUTH AFRICA 2009/10           





Well, after returning to the UK in  February this year at the end of our journey through the Americas, we didn’t really expect to be moving off again so quickly (well I didn’t – I think JC had different ideas all along but he kept them to himself for a while!!!).  Our initial plans were to head off overland to Australia in the Spring of 2010 but the call of the road, chance meetings with others who have already journeyed to Africa and some who have recently left together with tales from that old silver tongued devil Paul Marsh of www.footloose4x4.com meant that the maps and the Lonely Planet were laid out in our office almost before we had the Toyota unpacked from the last trip.  So here I am again trying to remember how to keep our blog updated and keep our readers happy in the Winter months ahead when they have got nothing better to do than read about our escapades. 

The time has flown by and we are planning to leave around 15th October - just a few weeks away.  We will follow the well trodden route of overlanders before us leaving Hull on the ferry and then down through Europe into Turkey, Syria and Jordan where we will cross by ferry into Egypt and then head South.  We have been following JC’s scouts Jan and Trevor of www.gapyear4x4.com and they have been sending us lots of useful information – like where is the best beer etc etc.  They are well ahead of us now but knowing the speed that we travel I am sure we will meet up with them somewhere. 

Recently I watched the Round the World Clipper race leave Hull.  As the ships left on an adventure which will take them ten months, it was a fantastic feeling to think that in a few weeks time we too will be off on our own adventure – seeing new places, making new friends and soaking up the atmosphere and mystery of the African continent.  I hope you will come with us on our journey once again as we keep up our Trip Journal- just "click on the link below..








"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but the places and moments that take our breath away."